“But you said running a marathon was crazy!”

I might have said that once.  Okay, I think I said it a lot.  I probably said it at least three times for each half marathon that I’ve run.  So that’s like, two dozen times.  And really, let’s be honest – it is a little nuts.  So if I think that running a full marathon is crazy, then why am I doing it?

Mostly, because I believe I can do it.  Well, I’m pretty sure I can do it, but it will be a challenge.  But if I’m asking all of you to support my campaign for arthritis, then I owe it to you to make my own investment.  Not just in the effort that it takes to raise money (which I don’t underestimate!), but the effort I invest in taking on a physical challenge that’s going to take some chutzpah.

Running a race of any distance is challenging in its own right, and anyone who takes it on has a reason to be proud.  I’m fortunate enough to have completed eight half-marathons.  Right now, for me, the full marathon is my Mount Everest.  The crazy distance that takes a level of effort, commitment and discipline that feels like a goal just beyond my reach. But I have a good reason to try (that’s you, Mom), and I’m confident that I can do it. And with your help, I’m confident that I can reach my fundraising goal too.

So yes, it’s a little a crazy, but it’s for a great cause and I think it’s worth it.  I hope you do too.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to running a marathon in Lausanne, Switzerland in October 2012.


One response to ““But you said running a marathon was crazy!”

  1. That’s awesome! Nice to hear from another charity marathon runner! Can’t wait to read about your journey and good luck 🙂

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