Asking for help, and other things I’m not good at

I’m not very good at asking for help.  I actually really suck at it.  It makes fundraising a little awkward, no?

I don’t know why I find asking for things so uncomfortable.  Maybe I’m afraid people will say no.  Or they’ll just think I’m weird.  But does that really matter?  People might say no, but I won’t know unless I ask.  And quite frankly, I am a little weird.

I finally took the plunge and started to tell people that I signed up for Joints in Motion, and the response so far has been really positive.  It turns out, lots of people really want to support what I’m doing.  Yay!  Now I just need to keep up the momentum, without becoming … you know, one of those annoying people who asks for money every you see them.  I don’t want to be that person.  But I really would like you to sponsor me for this event, and that means I need to ask.  So here goes …. [clears throat, and stands up straight].

Please sponsor me for Joints in Motion and help make a difference for arthritis. Every donation helps, and I would really appreciate your support!  You can make your donation online through my personal fundraising page here.

Even though the marathon isn’t until October 2012, my hope is to have my fundraising completed by May, so I can focus the rest of my time on being physically prepared for the event.  For me, May is when the crazy part of marathon training will really start, with long runs that get longer and longer, and daily training that will generally take over all bits of my life that aren’t my day job.  Completing my fundraising goal early will help give me the time I need to balance that (something else I’m not very good at). So please donate, and consider donating early!

I’m also not very good at staying in touch with people.  That’s one of the reasons I set up this blog – so I can share my progress with you along the way.  So check back here often for updates on fundraising activities, my training progress and other news that might entertain you.  And please, support my campaign.  It’s for a great cause, and it would mean a lot to me!  Cheers 🙂


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