It’s not all about the money

Since I started my Joints in Motion campaign, several people have asked me what else they can do to support my campaign, in addition to making a financial donation.  What an awesome question! (And one that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought to write about, since I’m not very good at asking for things.)

Here are few ideas:

Tell a friend.  Better yet, tell more than one!  You can share the links to my  online donation page, to this blog, or to my Facebook page.  The more people who know, the more people who can help!  And then they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on … anyone else remember that commercial?

Tell your company.  Businesses can donate too!  Tax receipts are issued for all donations of more than $15.  Some companies even have matching donation programs where they will match a personal contribution that you make.  Cool eh?

Make suggestions.  There are limits to my creativity, and I would welcome your fundraising ideas.  Maybe you have something you could donate for a silent auction?  Or perhaps you have an idea for a special event to raise money?  (That doesn’t mean you have to help me organize it, but that would be cool too!)  Some options might be more practical for me than others, but it all starts with a gem of an idea.

Spread the word.  My Joints in Motion journey is about raising awareness as well as funds.  Share what you know about arthritis, especially if you learn something new, so others can learn too.

Be supportive.  Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.  A well timed  hug or a kind word means more than you can know 🙂

Remember that I appreciate every contribution that you make, big or small.  It all makes a difference.  Thank you!


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