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Patting myself on the back

Mission accomplished for this week!  I managed to get three runs in (short and slow runs, but three of them), and I don’t feel awful.  It’s a low bar, but it’s all about celebrating the small successes, right?

In spite of the fact that it’s still March, it was capri weather. The dogs thought it was awesome, especially when I took them to the park before we went home so I could stretch.  It was wet and soggy, but Laika didn’t mind. Clearly.

To celebrate, I’m going to join in some St. Patty’s Day cheer.  Patting myself on the back … get it?  Funny how a few short runs can make me giddy 😀  Cheers!



And the verdict is …

A few weeks ago, I described the conundrum of my right foot, and the bump on my heel that I have variously blamed on different pieces of footwear.  This bump – and the discomfort that goes with it – has put a serious cramp in my marathon training, and finding things to blame it on has become a small obsession of mine, while I’ve been waiting for some kind of helpful diagnosis.  At long last, I have seen Dr. Sports Medicine, and he delivered his verdict.  The bump is an inflamed bursa sac that is caused by overuse or extreme stress on the heel. This can come from any number of things, depending on the circumstances.  In my case?  The guilty party is … (I bet the anticipation is killing you) … my hockey skates.  However, running was also identified as an achilles-tendonitis-causing accomplice.  The good news? A bit of physiotherapy and some modifications to my skates should fix me up.  And I can still wear my girlie shoes at work.  The bad news?  I’m really behind on my training.  Like, seriously.

So it’s time to get serious.  Time to lace up my shoes, and start putting on the mileage.  Slow and steady, just like I said before, but mileage.  It starts this week, in between physio appointments, and I’ll share all the gory details here.  That way, if I slack off, you’ll know.  And one of you out there will send me a message saying, “Hey, what’s going on over there – don’t you have a marathon to go train for?”

Wish me luck!  Cheers 🙂

March is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month!

Did you know that March is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month? I have mentioned here before that Kids Get Arthritis Too.  I have also posted about how important it is, especially for rheumatoid arthritis, to get diagnosed early.  But did you also know that the same is true for kids?

As part of its awareness campaign for Juvenile Arthritis, the Arthritis Society has shared this information about a study by the Canadian Alliance of Pediatric Rheumatology Investigators (CAPRI), which found that children will see at least three health practitioners and wait four to five months after their symptoms begin before being correctly diagnosed and receiving optimal care.  One of the reasons is thought to be the overall lack of awareness that kids can get arthritis too.

Other interesting facts about JA from the Arthritis Society: JA is one of the more common disorders resulting in chronic disability in children and adolescents in Canada.  Altogether, approximately 61,500 Canadian toddlers, youths and young adults live with the intense pain and disability of arthritis. That’s at least one case for every school.

For more information about symptoms and treatment, visit here.  And to read stories from families of kids living with arthritis, you can visit this Facebook page, and click “Like” to spread the word.

Cheers 🙂